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Notes on Tracks 1-25

Blues Birthday In a genuine blues-band style, featuring in particular a soulful electric guitar performance reminiscent of the legendary B.B. King.
Mozart Birthday This rendition sounds like a real Mozart piece, with all the requisite ornaments and trills.
Dixieland Birthday This is the real Dixieland sound. Very happy. Louis Armstrong would have loved it!
Irish Birthday Irish Birthday conveys an ancient Celtic feeling, but uses a more modern "Riverdance"-like sound. We weaved into this piece the traditional Irish jig "Irish Washerwoman." 
Surfin' Birthday For all surfer dudes and dudettes, this piece incorporates Chuck Berry's (and the Beach Boys') famous song, "Surfin' USA."
Mellow Birthday A tribute to jazz pianist Bill Evans. Real cool and mellow.
African Birthday An African-sounding version of "Happy Birthday to You," big on percussion and full of trance-like excitement.
Outer Space Birthday If you love Star Trek (the original one) and the Star Wars trilogy, this is your piece. It includes portions of the theme music from both, although we made them a little hard to find among all the other space sounds (and the cleverly combined "Happy Birthday" melody). This one's a real extra-terrestrial trip.
Reggae Birthday No Bob Marley here, but reggae is still the heart and soul of this track. Mon, this stuff's good!
Beethoven Birthday Even if you're not a classical music aficionado, you'll probably enjoy this piece a great deal. It combines Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" with the "Happy Birthday" melody.
Techno-Dance Birthday If you like dance-club music, this is what you'll want to hear on your birthday. If you happen to be a DJ, you'll probably play this track at birthday parties all night long.
Hawaiian Birthday This rendition captures the wonderful aloha spirit. If you can't celebrate your birthday in Hawaii this year, just play this piece and imagine yourself on a beautiful sandy Hawaiian beach.
Italian Birthday "Happy Birthday" combined with the famous Italian dance music, the tarantella. "Mama-certified" made in Italy.
Boogie-woogie Birthday Boogie-woogie is a style of piano that's particularly groovy. Features some really adept piano work. 
Christmas Birthday This rendition is a true masterpiece, combining the "Happy Birthday" melody with three well-known and much-loved Christmas songs: "White Christmas," "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." It presents an multi-textured, true-to-the-holiday-spirit arrangement.
Adventurous Birthday Who hasn't heard the "Mission Impossible" theme? But you probably haven't heard it cleverly combined in an exciting adaptation of "Happy Birthday to You". One of the all-time favorites on The Birthday CD.
Elegant Birthday You may or may not know Bach's "Air" from his Suite in D Major, but you are sure to find this rendition quite beautiful. It achieves a harmonious marriage of classical music and light jazz. Many people regard this piece as one of the best on The Birthday CD.
College Birthday An all-American version, combining the "Happy Birthday" melody with three college-music compositions, including the "Notre Dame Victory March," "On Wisconsin," and the familiar USC fanfare ending. Featuring in particular a full brass sound, as would be expected of a college marching band.
Romantic Birthday You may think Kenny G. wrote this beautifully romantic piece, but he didn't.  
Arabian Birthday This rendition is based on Persian and Arabic grooves. You might feel the urge to belly-dance to this piece, so make sure no one is watching.
New York Birthday "New York, New York" is inextricably woven here into the "Happy Birthday" melody. One of the finest pieces on The Birthday CD.
Bach Birthday Even though this piece features only a lone harpsichord without any orchestral accompaniment, it is truly mesmerizing. If the research into the link between listening to classical music and becoming more intelligent is true, then this piece will make you a genius in no time (repeat listenings may be required for desired effect). 
Flamenco Birthday Flamenco is the music of Spain and the gypsies, and this rendition stays true to the source, while enhancing the orchestral arrangement to create a richer, fuller sound.
Jewish Birthday "Jewish Birthday" incorporates a Russian-Jewish folk song called "Tumbalalaika." The "Happy Birthday" melody is a challenge to follow here, but then again the engaging and entertaining nature of The Birthday CD was meant to last a long time.
Indian Birthday This Indian version features the exotic sounds of sitar, tabla, and that elusive drone instrument called tamboura. When you listen to this rendition on your birthday, take the opportunity to reflect on your past and future lives, but don't forget to live in the present.

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